jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2011


Because it's located in parallel cero, Ecuador does not have clear defined seasons. The weather is very uncertain and totally depends on the region one visits. The four regions present climatic conditions that are determined by is altitude, location, and, mainly, by the presence of the Andes mountain chain, and the maritime influence. Because of that, there is also a great diversity of microclimates in each zone.
The Pacific Coast has a rainy season between December and May, and another dry, between June and November. Its temperature oscillates between the 23 and 36 degrees centigrade.
The mountain range, in the other hand, in the Andes and the Austro, has a rainy cold climate from November to April, and dry from May to October. Its temperatures are between the 13 and 18 degrees centigrade.
In the Amazon, with temperatures between the 23 and 36 degrees centigrade, the seasons are rainy and moist from January to September and dry from October to December.
Galapagos offers a mild climate, with temperatures that go from 22 to 32 degrees centigrade.

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